Clear Your Urine of THC with Natural Methods

You have decided to get mature, and the days of consuming marijuana are behind you. Now, you need to find a job. However, you are aware that most employers do a pre-employment drug screening these days. There are numerous reasons why more and more companies are testing their employees (and job candidates) on illicit substances abuse. In the first place, they care about safety and security in the workplace. Employers also want to prevent risk behaviors that can endanger their reputation.

Marijuana belongs to light drugs. In occasional users, consumption effects go very fast. After a week, the traces of THC, which is the most infamous ingredient of marijuana, disappear from the urine. Of course, if you didn’t smoke in the meantime.

The situation is getting complicated if you are a casual or heavy smoker. Then the period of the cleansing of the organism can last for a long time. The THC metabolites can be detectable in the urine sample two months after consumption, even if you quit smoking. Keep this in mind as a guide if you are planning to clear yourself before applying for a job.

How to Clean Drug Traces

It is possible to clean the body of marijuana traces, even in a short time. Even if you fail in detox, you can always rely on some product that will help you fool the drug test, as seen here. But we want to take a closer look at body cleansing when you have enough time before going to a drug screen. Now is the time to rely on natural methods to eliminate THC traces from the urine. It is also an excellent detox for your whole body.

Trying to beat a drug screen is a way easier than cleaning your organism of THC traces. However, if you are thinking in the long run, complete body detox will not only help you to pass a drug test, but you will generally feel better. If you are not burdened with short notice and pressures from the side, you have plenty of time to use natural ingredients for body cleansing of THC.

Every natural method of cleansing begins with abstinence from opiates. As you need to clean existing THC stores, or at least reduce them under the level of detection, you don’t need additional quantities. Our body can eliminate toxins independently after a while. So, if you have plenty of time available before a drug testing, you don’t need any additional cleaning means; only a good will and determination.

Flush THC Away

Higher amounts of liquids will boost the process of flushing drug traces out of the body. We did reinvent the wheel with this one, didn’t we? 🙂 This is an entirely logical way of detox, as the toxins from our body are eliminated through body fluids.

For the beginning, drink water. Increase your daily intake to about three liters. In addition to water, you can rely on some ‘standard’ drinks known as good organic cleansers, like coffee, green tea, cranberry juice, green vegetable juices and smoothies, and so on.

Given that you have enough time to clear yourself before going to a drug test, there is no fear of a too diluted sample that lab technicians can refuse as irrelevant. Just eat healthy and balanced food. This will bring enough vitamins and minerals into your body to prevent excessive dilution of your urine.

Apply Hot and Cold Shower

Water can help you to get rid of THC metabolites from the body in one more way. An intermittent hot and cold shower will accelerate circulation and lymph flow, and hence the process of eliminating toxins from the body. If too hot or cold water makes you uncomfortable, start with lukewarm water, gradually reducing and increasing the temperature. Shower sessions should last about half a minute each.

Extra tip: after showering, to dry peeling of the entire body with a bristle brush. In addition to having beautiful and soft skin, this method opens the pores, which help release toxins. This treatment once a day is good to go, while the showering is recommended 3 to 5 times (you don’t need to use shower gel or soap every time).

More about dry brushing techniques and why they are beneficial, read on the link below:

Be Active

After consuming THC, the metabolites pass into the blood, and one part stays in the fat cells. From there, it drops into body fluids, where any drug test can detect it, even within a few weeks after cessation of the use of marijuana. More fat cells, more THC stored.

So, the solution is physical activity, i.e., targeted exercises that reduce the percentage of fatty tissue, for example, cardio. This process of melting fat deposits takes time, so do not use it as the only method to get rid of marijuana traces from the body. Combine it with sauna, swimming, speed walking, and other previously mentioned methods for best results.

Use Cleansing Ingredients

Products such as activated carbon and bentonite clay will help you with ‘inner cleaning.’ These ingredients, which you can find in every health food store, have a high absorption rate and power to bind harmful particles. They are non-toxic because activated carbon is usually made of coconut husk, while bentonite clay is actually volcanic ash.

Use them as dietary supplements, although they are not too tasty. Every morning and evening, pour a tablespoon of one of these ingredients in a glass of warmish water and drink on an empty stomach. If you are not happy with drinking muddy, gray water, you can buy pills on the basis of activated charcoal or bentonite clay.

From time to time, do the self-check with some of the at-home drug tests. If you abstain for a long time, you will be surprised at the speed at which you have cleaned the body from drug traces. You got yourself a negative result, regardless of the type of analysis you will undergo.