How can you become a Professional Poker Player?

Why do we play poker? But most of all, why do you play poker? It may seem like a strange question, but it is essential to your future success in the poker world. The reason you play poker is at least as necessary as playing poker.

We can sort out why we play domino qiu qiu poker, we can analyze it correctly, and then we can use it to improve our current playing style.

If we could ask several hundred players, “Why do you play poker?” There is a good chance of answer is “for the money.” But if we could access their statistics a year before, we would see that some were simply not making money, or at least not making more money than they had lost. If money is the only reason these people are playing poker, why are they still doing it? Of course, there are many other answers they don’t really want to admit. This is because many other motivations push us to play poker, as well as a desire to win big, but many of them are even greater.

And when we think about it, we certainly find many reasons: pleasure, love for the game, competition, making friends want to win the best poker world, and the list can grow and continue. But if you understand the different reasons behind your game, you may eventually change your view on wins and losses, or you may choose the game that suits you, the ones that will bring you the most success.

In the book, Psychology of Poker by Alan N. Schoonmaker, explains in detail the importance in understanding the personal impulses to find the answer to the question “Why do we play poker?”

The reason might be as follows:


Make friends




Just time passing

If you can think of additional reasons, write them down as well. Now you have to think and find out the real reasons why you play poker.

After you do this, type a percentage after each reason, even if it is 0%, but keep in mind that all items added must be 100%.

If someone wanted to play poker 20% for money, 10% for relaxation, 50% for fun and the remaining 20% ​​for competition, he would be called as a losing player most of the time, playing a lot of hands and staying in the game as much. How much he can just play for the thrill of being there? This is the most important thing for him, and it influences his playing style.

If you can analyze your own situation correctly and correctly, you can modify the parts of your game that you don’t like or improve on what you think is good.

In many types of competitions, the battle is played first on you and latter with your opponents. Bad poker mistakes are made when you are very proud of yourself, when you question your ability and when you are very afraid or shy, when you have to act, or when your thoughts is elsewhere, or when you doubt yourself all the time.

If you play poker with friends to pass the time, you should choose games with low bids so that your bankroll lasts longer. If you play for relaxation, stay out of poker fanatic games and choose domino qiu qiu poker games with less involved players.

The answers can be many, and only up to you. But answering the question is essential if you want to improve your game.